Dr. METZGER, Gábor

Dr. METZGER, Gábor, physician, marketing specialist. Dr. Metzger started working as a clinician at Semmelweis Medical University in 1990, and went on to work as the marketing manager of reputable pharmaceutical companies in 1992, where his responsibilities included the development of full-fledged marketing strategies, key account management, and harmonization of the medical, sales, marketing and market access areas. His role at Onkogen Kft. is marketing and sales management as well as business development.

SZABÓ, Ferenc

SZABÓ, Ferenc – economist. Mr. Szabó has been active in the pharmaceutical trade since the early ‘90s, and from 1994 to 1998 he also ran his own pharmaceutical retail business. He was the head of the largest Hungarian pharmaceutical wholesaler, Hungaropharma Zrt., from 1998 to 2010, and he also chaired the Hungarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers from 1999 to 2010. He has been the manager of his own businesses and investments since 2010, most of which are within the healthcare industry and the pharmaceutical distribution chain. He is responsible for developing Onkogen Kft.’s corporate strategy, and is in charge of the finances and funding.


ALADICS, Dóra – economist. She had worked previously in public administration in EU affairs, and then switched to working as a business and management consultant in the private sector in early 2014. She is the financial administrator at Onkogen Kft.